FAQS & Terms

We have provided lots of information about our experience days below.
After checking the FAQ, if your question is not answered, please get in touch.

Can I book a Groupon voucher for the weekend?

We are sorry Groupon vouchers are running at a discount rate and do have to be used Monday – Friday in between the four months they are valid for.

Do you offer Blue Light or Armed Forces discount?

We are sincerely sorry, as much as we appreciate your hard work and effort in looking after the country, we are unable to offer any discount on our vouchers.

What is the largest group size you can book?

The largest group we can currently accommodate is 30 people.

Can I re-book my voucher?

We require a minimum of 21 days cancellation notice prior to your scheduled arrival date. Re-booking for bookings made are not permitted unless a relevant medical condition or family bereavement prevents the participant from attending. Please check our Cancellation Policy for more information.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a full refund within 28 days of purchase. The return period will expire 28 days from the day on which you made your purchase, after the 28 days of purchase a full refund will not be permitted.

To receive a full refund:

  • It must be less than 28 days since you received your item.
  • You must have proof of purchase, such as your receipt, e-receipt, delivery note, or your order confirmation email.
  • If you have a voucher, the date must not have been booked yet. Or, if it has been booked, the date of your booking must not be in the next three weeks.
  • Provide a reason for your refund.

For more information please see our Refund Policy.

What hours is your office open?

The office hours are Monday- Friday 9am-3pm.

We are a family run company and if your call is urgent, please contact 07716152354. Alternatively, you can email [email protected]

What are the rings made of?

Our one-day ring making package uses stainless steel. Stainless steel does not stain, corrode, or rust like ordinary steel. If you are unsure whether you have a metal or nickel allergy, then this is the preferred material to work with. You can wear it in everyday use and do not need to take it off during showering. We recommend you polish and clean your rings with the cleaning set given on completion.

How do I heat treat my EN45 knife I made with you?

Please do not worry if you have lost your ‘heat treatment guide’ sheet. Here is our guide to heat treating your knife. If you have any further questions please do get in touch.

What should I wear?

A t-shirt with a jumper is preferred, no flammable tops such as lycra are allowed to be worn. Jeans or trousers are recommended to be worn. No vests or short-sleeved tops where skin is exposed is advised. No loose cuffs or torn clothing are to be worn, as these can act as a snagging hazard. Shorts or skirts are also not permitted. Overalls can be worn, however, leather aprons are preferred and provided.

If you have steel toe capped boots or supportive footwear then this is preferred.  For examples; trainers, ankle boots, walking boots. Open toe shoes or trousers tucked into boots are not allowed.

We do ask for long hair must be tied back and to remove rings, watches or bracelets in the workshop as these pose a snagging hazard.

Do I need my own protective equipment?

Your personal protective equipment is provided on arrival. Please do not feel you have to buy this for your visit. However, if you do have your own at home and prefer to bring this with you, then you are more than welcome too.

How do I order lunch?

To order your lunch for 12oclock delivery please contact The Garway Moon Inn (01600 750 270)

They do require at least five days notice to avoid disappointment. Please note that we do not deal personally with these lunches – please inform the Inn of any food allergies or intolerances.

Do you offer accomodation?

We have built good relationships with surrounding campsites, B&B’s and hotels. Here is a list of our recommended accommodation options when visiting The Forge:




Group Accommodation

Can I bring pets?

We are sorry we do not allow any pets on site. This is not only due to health and safety, but our friendly Forge Dogs do not like to share their home or attention!

Is the site wheelchair accessible?

The forge site is partially wheelchair friendly, however, if you work with our team, we can try and cater for your requirements. We do apologise if on occasion if we are unable to cater for your requirements. Please contact our booking team if you have any further questions.

Can disabled people attend forging experiences?

Yes, of course, nobody is excluded from our packages! We do recommend you speak directly to our office to run over your visit to ensure we are fully equipped for you on your visit.

Can I just come and watch?

The simple and quick answer is yes! We love welcoming family and friends to the forge to share the experience in any way they can. We have our woodlands area, showroom and viewing area for you to capture the experience too.

Please do tag us on social media with any action shots taken on camera!

Check out our woodlands page to find out more about our onsite facilities.

What are your COVID guidelines?


  • We do ask any of our guests who show symptoms or have come into contact with those people who have tested positive to get in touch immediately and request to rebook.
    A minimum of 24hours will need to be given to avoid losing a rebooking of your voucher or booking.
  • To minimise contact we ask kindly all of our guests to email their H&S forms. Please email [email protected] or complete online through our electronic copies.
  • We will ask you to keep to social distancing of 2 metres at all times and masks are to be worn during your time with us.
  • Guests will be greeted outside our new workshop on arrival where they will be shown their forge and equipment.
  • A face mask will need to be worn.
  • NHS Test and Trace: Please download the NHS COVID-19 app from the App Store or Google Play and use it to scan the QR code to check-in – it will be displayed at the entrance of the Forge and in various other locations around the workshop. We will still keep the manual register for those who cannot download the app.
  • For lunch, only our woodlands area can be used.
  • Our showroom will be open to help you decide what you would like to make. However, we will be only allowing two people at a time. Drinks can be ordered through a member of our team. Please ask your Blacksmith if you wish to purchase a drink.


  • To ensure safe practice and avoid the risk of contamination, we will be ensuring that all tools and workstations are disinfected after use.
  • Those who forget their masks will be asked to purchase a mask at the cost of £1.00.
  • All of our guests will have their own tools (no sharing of equipment).
  • We ask all of our guests to wash their hands before and after leaving the workshop. There will be hand sanitisers available for you to use, as and when appropriate.
  • Aprons are a personal choice whether you wish to wear them. Unfortunately, we are unable to disinfect these and disposable aprons and gloves would be dangerous in this environment.
  • We ask politely, please do not touch our Forge Dog Khaleesi. As cute as she may be she is not the easiest to disinfect!!

If you have any further questions about your visit, please do get in touch or ask a member of our team. We will continue to follow the Guidelines set by the Government.

Do I have to wear a mask?

The last thing we want is another lockdown! So, we do politely ask that guest wear masks until shown to their forge. Once shown to your area and your blacksmith has granted permission for your mask to be removed, you can then remove your mask.

However, when it is time for lunch, time leave or you require the bathroom, we do request you put your mask back on and you wash your hands.

What do I need to do before visiting?

Once you have booked your date with us, we have put together a checklist for you for those essentials items before your time with us.

  • Online Health & Safety Form – This can be found on your confirmation email
  • Online Covid-19 declaration Form – This can be found on your confirmation email
  • If you wish to order lunch with the Garway Moon, please ensure this has been done 5 days prior to your visit

What can I make during the ‘just for fun’ or couple packages?

As you would imagine, the longer you have in the forge, the more you can look to achieve! We have so many options for you to choose from during our three or five-hour packages.

Here are some ideas, how adventurous do you feel?!


  • Selection of hooks or nails
  • Fire poker
  • Candlestick holder
  • Bottle opener
  • Spoon holder
  • Pen holder
  • Key ring
  • Letter opener
  • Cheese Knife
  • Toasting fork
  • Rose – between two people
  • Garden snail
  • Towel rail
  • Small Bell


  • Rose – for one person
  • Poker and stand
  • Dragonfly (garden ornament)
  • Hanging basket bracket
  • Boot Scraper
  • Wall coat rack
  • Doorknocker
  • Candlestick
  • Wall sconce for candle
  • Pen holder
  • Herb chopper
  • Plant climber
  • Paper / Viking knife
  • Fire tools
  • Utensil holder
  • Key rack Hanging basket
  • Christmas Cracker
  • Toilet roll holder
  • Butchers hooks
  • Cooking hooks
  • Arrowhead
  • Spearhead
  • Leather awls
  • Nails
  • Buckle
  • Cloak pin
  • Key
  • Forge Chain

What kind of attractions are in the local area?

Oldfield Forge is situated 10 miles from Hereford, 9 miles from Ross-on-Wye, 9miles from Monmouth and 11miles from Abergavenny. So, enjoy the beauty of our surroundings, whether you’re looking for a couples break away or group event, family holiday or a day out, Oldfield Forge Experience Day’s has put together a local tourist pack for our local area.


Our local Towns are Hereford, Ross-on-wye & Monmouthshire and they all offer good shopping options.

Local Attractions

Local Restaurants

  • The Garway Moon Inn
  • The Kilpeck Inn
  • The New Inn
  • The Bell At Skenfiths
  • The Bridge At Kentchurch
  • The Royal – Ross on Wye

Can I upgrade a voucher?

If you have taken a fancy to one of our other experience packages, we can of course upgrade you to that particular package. In order to upgrade you need:

  • A valid voucher or coupon
  • The details of your voucher
  • To agree on the upgrade cost

Unfortunately, Groupon vouchers are not available to be upgraded. Vouchers can be upgraded, however, they cannot be downgraded or refunded.

Do I have to book a date or can I just leave it for the recipients to book?

If you are not sure when the lucky recipient/recipients are free to use their voucher. Please do not worry, select ‘purchase as a gift voucher’ and this gives them up to 18months to book with us.  Oldfield Forge Experience Day’s is open 7 days a week all year round and close for two weeks at Christmas. Weekends, do have to be booked well in advance.

What does the gift voucher look like?

Our e-vouchers are sent automatically on purchase to the email address provided. If you would like to have a gift receipt, please email our booking team and they will happily forward this for you to personalise and add to the e-voucher.

When is a voucher sent?

Our e-vouchers are sent automatically on purchase to the email address provided. If you would like to have a gift receipt, please email our booking team and they will happily forward this for you to personalise and add to the e-voucher.

How long are vouchers valid for?

Vouchers are valid for a full 18 months from the date of purchase and must be used during this period.

After the expiry date, the voucher cannot be used unless an extension period has been agreed with us in writing. These restrictions form an important part of your contract with us and we do hope you agree that they are fair and reasonable. They are imposed simply because we cannot expect to replace a cancelled booking in less than 21 days.

Please note Groupon Vouchers are valid for 4 months Monday – Friday.

Can I upgrade a Groupon voucher?

We are sorry Groupon vouchers are running at a discount rate and do have to be used Monday – Friday in between the four months they are valid for. For this reason, we do not allow upgrades to weekends or other experience packages.

Why won’t my voucher code be recognised?

Please don’t worry, sometimes that happens.

On our Vouchers page, when you come to select, “I have a voucher from…”, please choose Oldfield Forge (other)

Enter voucher number along with receipt number and a member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours of submission.

How do I redeem a voucher?

To redeem your voucher visit our Vouchers page, and from the left-hand side, select and verify your voucher details and a member of the booking team will be in touch.

Please note that your chosen date and time may appear available, however, due to our Covid-19 restrictions, we may come back to you with a slightly different time or offer an alternative day. We are trying our utmost to accommodate your request and keep our guests safe.